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Why Do You Need Photo Tourism?

Is your company planning a public outing, tour or event that would have photo opportunities?  Would you like to increase the attendance? 


Just add Photography!

Photo Tourism Creates Attraction...


Photo Tourism is all about attracting people with cameras to businesses so that those people come away with their best shot.


When people come away from an event with better images they are more likely to share those pictures with family, friends and co-workers and post to social media.  That helps promote your business and will gain you more customers in the future.


Who hasn’t received a postcard of a beautiful scene and didn’t dream of wanting to go to that location?  Here is your opportunity to show off your business in the best light with people posting their best shots along with information for how to reach you.

The Proof

...Photo Tourism is Cyclical

The more people post and share the more your business and event gets talked up and the more customer traffic you will get going forward.


What’s more? By having a Photo Tourism specialist in attendance people will come away making their best shots and will receive special offers, discounts and free services such as coupons for making their own fine art prints to frame and display as a permanent memory of their visit to your business.

Adding photography to a business has shown an increase in customer traffic with

both new and repeat customers alike.

In Boothbay Harbor, Maine, Balmy Days Cruises offered a sightseeing tour to see the Maine Windjammer fleet sail into Boothbay Harbor during Windjammer days celebration. The boat would

take about 20 - 25 people. Adding the word ‘photography’ to the name of the cruise immediately increased the attendance - 4 years later people were having to be turned away as the boat was at capacity with 74 people aboard.

Contact Mike today and learn how Photography can help grow your business.

"Photography with Mike Leonard was so Fantastic! Thank you for a great day."

10/14/17 - Penobscot River Tour

"Having Mike and the Tamron guys aboard was very helpful!"

7/29/17 - US/Canada Grand Slam Lighthouse Tour

"Mike Leonard does an amazing job for us. He is a professional photographer but has that special gift of being a teacher that makes photography easy and fun. That quality comes from his genuine passion for photography."


- Zack Klyver, Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co.

"Adding the photography component to our all day Maine coastal lighthouse tours has increased sales and interest in our tours markedly."


 - Zack Klyver, Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co.

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