Photography Services 

Non profits, businesses and individuals alike all have needs for photography services

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Mike's Photo Services 

Image Prep work for publication designers – image file editing to make your photos look their best in print

Camera Raw Processing – returned as JPG or whatever file you specify

Large format fine art printing – matte surface – 24” to 20+ feet. 


Film Scanning – 35mm, medium and large format slide, positive transparencies and negative scanning

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Video Tape to DVD transfer -

VHS / SVHSStandard 8mm, Hi8mm, and Digital 8mm

Stock Photography – Maine, National Parks including in Utah, Arizona and Nevada, Weather; lightning, nighttime, Aurora images and more

Photo assignments – please contact to discuss

Photo walks, safaris and cruises – see listings in Photo Events tab for current activities

If you're interested in Photo Education, take a look at the Education tab page and the Friday Night Photoshop page.

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