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Who's Mike?

About Mike

Michael Leonard’s favorite subjects to shoot are nighttime scenes including Lightning and Aurora, and during the day he likes shooting landscapes, seascapes, lighthouses and more.  His work is frequently seen in books, magazines, annual reports, brochures, textbooks, in television segments and nationally on the Weather Channel.  Some of Mikes work has also been seen on the National Geographic Wild program.

Adobe Photoshop is an application many digital photographers have a thirst to learn.  Mike has been offering Photoshop programs for more than 16 years to photo clubs, art organizations, corporate clients, educational venues and to the general public.  He has been acknowledged by Adobe Systems as a leader of a Photoshop User Group in Portland, Maine.  Having more than 17 Photoshop World educational conferences Mike is ready to take on beginners to show them where to start and to grow a comfort level of being able to use the application.

About Photo Tourism

Photo Tourism is a current venture where Mike shows businesses how to be more profitable by adding an element of Photography to their business.  Helping people to have a great experience of making their best shot of their vacation and processing the image into a fine art file suitable for printing and sharing on social media can be very rewarding for the individual and beneficial to the business that offers Mike's photography program.

Two of the most popular programs Mike hosts is his Introduction to Digital Photography and his AfterDark session - each run about 90 Minutes each with Q & A and live demonstrations. 

The Intro to Digital Photography session includes everything you should have read in your camera manual - but didn’t.  The session is offered in such a fashion that attendees easily absorb and become conversant in what can be thought to be complicated photography concepts.  It is often people come away wishing they had attended the session 'before' they went on vacation.

The AfterDark program is the most complete session of its kind covering everything you need to know to make your best shot after the sun sets.  Often a hands on demo is done illustrating the idea of capturing light.

Contact Mike directly if you would like to offer a photography program for your guests at 

Michael Leonard

  • Worked in television production for Time Warner Cable.  Mike technical directed live shows, operated, installed and maintained studio and transmission equipment.

  • Hosted a talk radio show with national guests where listeners would call in to join the forum.


  • Current member of the Kelby One and attended his18th Photoshop World educational conference.

  • Served as the Host Photographer for the Barefoot Windjammer group in the 90's and presented hands on photography instruction aboard photo theme cruises in the Caribbean and in Panama.


  • Led multiple photo shoots at parks, gardens and now 8 Kelby Media Photowalks.


  • Mike currently has several photography cruises planned in Maine for the Summer and Fall of 2023. See the Photography Events page for a current list of coming events.

  • Mike offers a public Friday Night photoshop program that has been running continuously for 15 years and is now offered via Zoom - from November until May.  Simply search for Friday Night Photoshop on Facebook. 

  • Life Member of the Portland, Maine Camera Club

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